A campsite in the Dordogne to enjoy many discoveries

In order to help you prepare your stay, we've listed below some beautiful notable destinations for holidays in the Perigord. Please check with the many tourist offices of the beautiful towns around the campsite.

Castles of Dordogne

  • Beynac Castle is a medieval fortress dating from the twelfth century. In very good condition, it is classified historic monument. He invites you to discover the surroundings of the Dordogne to 150 meters.

  • La Maison Forte de Reignac is an unusual castle erected in the town of Tursac. This is the last bastion castle cliff still standing in France. XVI century, it is protected through its title of historic monument.

  • Built in the thirteenth century, the imposing castle of Castelnaud rises in the heart of the town of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle. This medieval stronghold and its gatehouse were both listed as historical monuments.

  • Le Château des Milandes, former residence of Josephine Baker, was built from 1489. Bearing the title of historic monument, it is a superb place to discover and its French gardens.

Neolithic caves and prehistoric heritage

  • The cave of Font de Gaume, 5 km from the campsite, located in the commune of Eyzies de Tayac. This cave has decorated prehistoric polychrome works that are accessible to the public.

  • Rouffignac Cave (Cave of the hundred mammoths) is 10 km from the campsite, in the heart of the small town of Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin-de-Reilhac. By visiting you will have the opportunity to view multiple drawings and 250 prints.

  • The famous Lascaux cave is 45 km from your location or your rental camping. The fragile works that are preserved there have been reproduced so that the public can admire.

Caves mineral concretions

  • Only 5 kilometers from the campsite, the Chasm Proumeyssac invites you to discover its impressive mineral universe. Located in the town of Audrix, it offers a timeless visit amid stalactites.

  • Maxange caves are 10 kilometers from the campsite. They are crystallization caves, creating stunning eccentric panels. These places are part of the natural sites classified for over 10 years.

Discover exceptional gardens

  • Located in the municipality of Vézac, the garden of Marqueyssac is a superb example of the romantic gardens of the nineteenth century. It is ranked among the notable gardens of France.

  • The gardens of the Manor of Erignac are available in the town of Salignac-Eyvigues. This French gardens are classified as outstanding gardens of France. It is a place to discover during your holidays in the Dordogne.

Theme Parks

  • The Préhistoparc welcomes you Tursac in the Dordogne to you to discover as much of prehistoric life for Neanderthal hunters and animals of the time. Also try the Roc park Cazelle which offers another look at this vast period of our history.

  • The troglodyte village of the Madeleine is an impressive venue located in Tursac. If the history of the site begins there are 17 000 years, this is the Middle Ages that the place will be built and inhabited.